Our Episodes

Here’s a quick reference to our episodes. When we have a guest, that’s the name of the episode; otherwise it’s listed by topic. Happy exploring!


#  Topic or Guest Host
0 Meet the Hosts of Encountering Silence Carl
1 Encountering Silence in Childhood Cassidy
2 Encountering Silence in Adolescence Kevin
3 Silence During the Holidays Cassidy
4 Encountering Silence as Adults Carl
5 Encountering Silence in Relationships Cassidy
6 Our Silence Heroes Kevin
7 Patrick Shen Cassidy
8 Silence and Conflict Carl
9 Lerita Coleman Brown, PhD Carl
10 Silence and Paradox Cassidy
11 Stephanos Pedrano, OSB Cassidy
12 Silence as Refuge Cassidy
13 James Martin, SJ Kevin
14 Silence and Rhythm Kevin
15 Elias Marechal, OCSO Carl
16 Mysticism and Silence Kevin
17 Patrick Shen Kevin
18 Silence and Poetry Carl
19 Richard Rohr, OFM Carl
20 Jim Forest Cassidy
21 Silence in Busy Lives Cassidy
22 Kurt Johnson Kevin
23 Jessica Mesman Griffith Cassidy
24 Mirabai Starr Carl
25 Six Months of Encountering Silence Carl
26 Barbara A. Holmes Cassidy
27 Kenneth S. Leong Carl
28 Paula Pryce Kevin
29 James Finley Cassidy
30 Leah Weiss Kevin
31 Silence in the Summertime Carl
32 Paul Quenon, OCSO Cassidy
33 Parker J. Palmer (part one) Cassidy
34 Parker J. Palmer (part two) Cassidy
35 Kathleen Norris (part one) Cassidy
36 Kathleen Norris (part two) Cassidy
37 Allison M. Sullivan Carl
38 Helen E. Lees Carl
39 Judith Valente Kevin
40 Christine Valters Paintner Carl
41 David Cole Carl
42 Rebecca Brattan Weiss Cassidy & Kevin
43 Jacqueline Bussie Kevin
44 Paul Quenon, OCSO Cassidy
45 Auld Lang Silence: 2018 in Review Kevin
46 Richard Rohr, OFM Cassidy
47 Andō (part one) Carl
48 Andō (part two) Carl
49 Celebrating Mary Oliver Cassidy
50 Shirley Hershey Showalter (part one) Carl
51 Shirley Hershey Showalter (part two) Carl
52 Mary Margaret Funk, OSB (part one) Cassidy
53 Mary Margaret Funk, OSB (part two) Cassidy
54 Jane Brox Kevin
55 Martin Laird (part one) Kevin
56 Martin Laird (part two) Kevin
57 Martin Laird (part three) Kevin
58 Cynthia Bourgeault (part one) Carl
59 Cynthia Bourgeault (part two) Carl
60 Therese Taylor-Stinson (part one) Carl
61 Therese Taylor-Stinson (part two) Carl
62 James Finley (part one) Cassidy
63 James Finley (part two) Cassidy
64 Carrie Newcomer (part one) Cassidy
65 Carrie Newcomer (part two) Cassidy
66 Kathleen Deignan (part one) Kevin
67 Kathleen Deignan (part two) Kevin
68 Ruben L.F. Habito (part one) Carl
69 Ruben L.F. Habito (part two) Carl
70 Philip Roderick (part one) Carl
71 Philip Roderick (part two) Carl
72 Unteachable Lessons Cassidy
73 Bushi Yamato Damashii (part one) Carl
74 Bushi Yamato Damashii (part two) Carl
75 Gabrielle Earnshaw (part one) Kevin
76 Gabrielle Earnshaw (part two) Kevin
77 Adam Bucko (part one) Cassidy
78 Adam Bucko (part two) Cassidy
79 Walter Brueggemann (part one) Cassidy
80 Walter Brueggemann (part two) Cassidy
81 Orientation to Silence Kevin
82 Happy Birthday! (Two Year Anniversary Episode) Carl
83 Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (part one) Cassidy
84 Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (part two) Cassidy
85 J. Brent Bill (part one) Cassidy
86 J. Brent Bill (part two) Cassidy
87 Robert J. Wicks (part one) Kevin
88 Robert J. Wicks (part two) Kevin
89 Therese Schroeder-Sheker (part one) Carl
90 Therese Schroeder-Sheker (part two) Carl
91 Pádraig Ó Tuama (part one) Cassidy
92 Pádraig Ó Tuama (part two) Cassidy
93 Encountering Silence in Times of Crisis Cassidy
94 Christine Valters Paintner (part one) Carl
95 Christine Valters Paintner (part two) Carl
96 Mike Morrell (part one) Carl
97 Mike Morrell (part two) Carl
98 In Pursuit of Silence, Earth Day, and the Dawn Chorus (Episode 98) Kevin
99 Kathleen Norris (part one) Cassidy
100 Kathleen Norris (part two) Cassidy
101 Kerry Connelly (part one) Cassidy
102 Kerry Connelly (part two) Cassidy
103 Lerita Coleman Brown Carl
104 Kaitlin Curtice (part one) Carl
105 Kaitlin Curtice (part two) Carl
106 Sarah Griffith Lund (part one) Cassidy
107 Sarah Griffith Lund (part two) Cassidy
108 Leah Gunning Francis (part one) Cassidy
109 Leah Gunning Francis (part two) Cassidy
110 Br. Paul Quenon, OCSO (part one) Cassidy
111 Br. Paul Quenon, OCSO (part two) Cassidy