David Cole: Celtic Mysticism and Silence (Episode 41)

How does silence impact the rhythms of our lives — including the rhythm of prayer? How can we invite silence into our lives, in both structured and unstructured ways?

Joining us to explore questions like these — from the New Forest of England — is the award-winning author, teacher and spiritual guide David Cole.

David Cole and Luna

Intentional silences is different to just finding yourself not saying anything, there’s a focus behind that, that intention that you’re deliberately being with God in that moment. — David Cole

David’s books include: The Mystic Path of Meditation: Beginning a Christ-Centered Journey, Celtic Prayers and Practices: An Inner Journey and Forty Days with the Celtic Saints: Devotional Readings for a Time of Preparation. His most recent books are Celtic Advent: 40 Days of Devotions to Christmas and Celtic Lent: 40 Days of Devotions to Easter

David is the founder of Waymark Ministries which creates opportunities for people to engage with the wisdom teachings of Christ and Christianity for our time, with a particular emphasis on Celtic spirituality and Christian mysticism. He is also Deputy Guardian for the Community of Aidan and Hilda, a dispersed, ecumenical Christian intentional community which draws its inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints.

David and Luna in the New Forest

In this wide-ranging conversation, David shares how Celtic spirituality and an early mystical experience of Christ shaped his spiritual identity, and how the new monastic movement, the experience of working with a soul friend (anam chara), and long walks in the New Forest with Luna, his border collie companion, have all been gateways for his own encounter with silence.

On Lindisfarne, particularly during the summer, they can have eight to ten thousand people a day coming on to the island to visit, it gets hugely busy.  And it’s fascinating speaking to some of these travelers and visitors who have no spiritual context, but will tell you that they can feel something different in this place, they will say there’s something in this place that feels different. And obviously, for myself, that’s the Divine Presence… There is something there that even those who don’t believe can feel. — David Cole

To learn more about David Cole’s books and ministry, visit www.waymarkministries.com. To learn more about the Community of Aidan and Hilda, visit www.aidanandhilda.org.uk.

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Episode 41: Celtic Mysticism and Silence: A Conversation with David Cole
Hosted by: Carl McColman
With: Kevin Johnson, Cassidy Hall
Guest: David Cole
Date Recorded: November 5, 2018

David Cole with Fran & Carl McColman at the Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford.
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