Bushi Yamato Damashii: Silence and the Peaceful Samurai (Part Two)

Bushi Yamato Damashii returns for the second part of this two part interview. Click here to listen to part one.

Bushi Yamato Damashi is the founder of Sangha Bodhi Christo (a Buddhist-Christian student and practice community), and directs the Thomasville Buddhist Center in Thomasville, NC. He is a student of Buddhist teachers Lama Rod Owens and Lama Justin Von Bujdoos. Like many American Buddhists, his practice is eclectic, drawing from the Daishin Zen and the Vajrayana lineages.

Bushi, who also is known as Heiwa no Bushi, or “peaceful samurai,” speaks and teaches on topics such as “The Making of a Christ Sangha” and “Celebrating and Integrating Inter-Spiritual Energetic Healing Modalities.” Joining us on the podcast, he shares his insightful wisdom not only on Buddhism and Buddhist-Christian dialog, but also on the psychology of spiritual growth.

Jesus and the Buddha did the same work. Were they different in their lineages or where they came from? Yes. But I believe that  Jesus and the Buddha both understood… we must become a very intimate people with one another, and then our books will begin to make sense — and not the other way around. — Bushi Yamato Damashii

Some of the resources and authors we mention in this episode:

Never hold yourself or anyone else too seriously. — Bushi Yamato Damashii

This is part two of a two-part interview. Click here to listen to part one.

Silence became pretty much the foundation for the rest of my living with the life that I have; the foundation for the rest of my living. — Bushi Yamato Damashii

Episode 74: Silence and the Peaceful Samurai: A Conversation with Bushi Yamato Damashii (Part Two)
Hosted by: Carl McColman
With: Cassidy Hall, Kevin Johnson
Date Recorded: September 6, 2019

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Carl McColman
Author of Befriending Silence, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, Answering the Contemplative Call, and other books. Retreat leader. Speaker. Professed Lay Cistercian.


  1. Encountering Silence —

    Thank you for this interview with Bushi. He is a man with great words of wisdom to share. I greatly appreciate his (paraphrased) insights that if we are not whole then what we might do in the world is also not whole. My teacher taught that if you try to lift one ship in the ocean you will wear yourself out. But if you work on yourself you raise the level of the ocean and everyone rises with you. I feel this is the same point Bushi is making.

    I greatly appreciate how he has modeled a life based on his own inner calling. How he has modeled the wisdom of his grandmother — to sit still with the issue long enough giving full consideration before speaking or taking action. How he has maintained a marriage with someone of different faith yet both seem to be richer from it.

    Bushi is also but another example of why I love Marines. His strength, courage and wisdom are a gift to this world.

    Many blessings,

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